Get Your Full CBD needs covered with a little help from our friends over at PureBud. With Cannabidiol or CBD recently becoming more and more popular to treat a number of aliments from anxiety to skin disorders it is no wonder why many have chosen this all natural ingredient which mother nature has provided for us. With no psychoactive properties unlike THC, CBD is used for the health and wellness of our daily lives over the recreational forms of other cannabis use. Pick up this Pure Bud bundle to cover all your CBD needs and save at the same time when you purchase in the bundle. Stay healthy, stay happy! Enjoy Bundle Includes: 1 Bottle CBD + Hemp Oil Capsules (30 caps/bottle 15mg CBD/Capsule) 1 CBD Relief Cooling Stick (300mg/Stick) 1 CBD Tincture (400mg/bottle) 1 CBD Soap (30mg/bar)