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You don’t need to master croquet to learn this simple bit of ye olde English lifestyle lore: on a hot summer’s day — or anytime thirst needs refreshing— iced tea is the nice tea. Our medicated iced tea blends citrus and tea flavours with a well-balanced splash of sugar sweetness. Just add water and serve over ice. Ahhh. And our medicated, cannabis infused quencher comes through, with a consistent measured dose of THC. *** PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT OUR ICED TEA IS PACKED WITH A NON-TOXIC SILICA GEL PACKET TO ENSURE NO MOISTURE CONTENT IS PRESENT. WHEN PREPARING THIS DRINK, ALWAYS BE SURE TO REMOVE THE PACKET BEFORE CONSUMPTION.

Effects: Happy | Euphoric | Stress | Anxiety | Depression | Pain

Ingredients: Sugar, Citric Acid, Cannabis, Tea Solids, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Natural and Artificial Flavours