Erba pure Distillate is the purest form of THC distillation and at 88% THC, provides some of the strongest effects in the concentrate spectrum. How ErbaClear is made made: The plant goes through a deep extraction process to remove all the plant matter, what’s left over is called Budder and this product goes through another extraction process again to further remove any leftover oils, wax and residue. The resulting product is commonly know as Shatter. A THC concentrate with terpenes still available. Once it is in this form it goes through a process called “Short Path Distill” which purifies the THC and removes any leftover wax or terpenes, leaving you with a pure THC concentrate that looks like a thick clear liquid. How to use: • A Dab Rig or Shatter Pen (Most Effective) • Can Be Added to Joints or Water Pipes • Activated for Edibles

It’s important to use with caution as it is the strongest concentrate in the market.