Ounce Specials

Ounce Specials

Get weed deals and weed specials from Canadian based online dispensary shipping to every province. Marijuana specials on many sativas, indicas and hybrid strains.

    • Dutch Treat


      Get powerful Dutch Treat Amsterdam strain of weed with fast delivery to Ontario and anywhere in Canada with tracking. Wide assortment of cannabis from our Canada online dispensary.

    • LA Confidential


      Get your weed online with fast and reliable delivery to anywhere in Canada from BC mail order marijuana dispensary Buy Bud Now.

    • Girl Scout Cookies


      Buy Girl Scout Cookies weed and other popular weed strains with high THC content. Fast delivery to Toronto and anywhere in Canada with tracking number.

    • Pink Kush


      Pink Kush is a mild, relaxing and euphoric hybrid strain. Mild flavour and gentle relaxer. Weed flowers, CBD tinctures and other products from our Canadian mail order weed dispensary.

    • Tropical Haze


      Get your sativa and sativa/indica hybrid strains with fast, reliable delivery. Buy marijuana online from BC based mail order marijuana dispensary, Buy Bud Now.

    • Mango Tango


      Get the fruity and calming Mango Tango hybrid weed. With a fruity herbal flavour that keeps you energized yet calm. Buy marijuana online from Canada mail order dispensary with fast delivery.

    • Ghost OG


      Get Ghost OG marijiana for a happy and relaxed high. A hybrid strain with great head body balance. Buy marijuana online from our Canadian weed dispensary with tracking on all orders.

    • Chocolope


      Get Chocolope and other marijuana sativa strains at great prices. Get uplifting and energetic buzz and many other strains of weed with fast tracking from our Canada online dispensary.

    • Strawberry Cough


      Get Strawberry Cough marijuana of sativa strain at great prices. Get uplifting and energetic buzz and many other strains of weed with fast tracking from Canada online dispensary.

    • Black Diamond


      Black Diamond is a nice strong Indica known for it’s high potency, yet still allows it’s users to be active and sociable at the same time. With Very Nice THC coverage and a beautiful Purplish hue in colouring this Indica favourite will have you relaxed but not down and out.

      Flavour: Earthy, Woody, Pungent

      Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric.

    • Master Kush


      Buy Master Kush, OG Kush, Purple Kush and all your favourite kush strains from our Canadian online dispensary. Fast shipping with tracking to Toronto and everywhere in Canada.

    • Pineapple Express


      Buy Pineapple Express sativa weed with sweet pineapple and woodsy notes. We have other popular sativa and indica hybrids too. Fast & reliable delivery with tracking from our Canada online weed dispensary.

    • Tangie


      Buy Tangie, a variation of Tangerine Dream and skunk weed. Buy sativa and indica strains from BC based online weed dispensary. Tracking number with every order.

    • Gorilla Glue


      Find Gorilla Glue weed and a wide assortment of indicas, sativas and hybrid cannabis strains online at great prices from our reliable online dispensary. Tracking number with every order.

    • MK Ultra


      MK Ultra is a very powerful Indica Strain with a hypnotic high that hits fast and heavy. With very strong cerebral effects it is easy to see how the strain got it’s name. MK Ultra is cross between OG Kush and G-13 and gained notoriety after winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and received 2nd Place in 2004 in the Indica category. The buds are known for it’s sticky, pungent, dense flowers. It can help with deep relaxation and assist with insomnia issues as well as used for pain relief.

      Flavours: Pine, Earthy, Pungent

      Effects: Relaxing, Euphoric, Happy, Sleepy, Hungry


      1oz Special!


      1oz Special!

    • Pineapple Thai


      Pineapple Thai weed with high THC encrusted buds. Buy powerful cannabis good for daytime for experienced users or night time use without being overwhelmed. BuyBudNow.ca

    • Violator


      Buy Violator Kush and other top Indica kushes at great prices. Fast delivery with tracking to Alberta and everywhere in Canada.

    • Nuken


      Get your Nukem indica and sativa hybrid weed with fast delivery & tracking from Canada online weed dispensary via mail order, Buy Bud Now.

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