• Afghan Kush


      Afghan Kush of Afghan Pakistan origin make it the perfect hash source. Full of cannabis resin and heavy sedating indica strain effects are perfect for relaxing. Available from BC dispensary online.

    • Black Tuna


      Looking for potent weed? Check out Black Tuna strain with high THC content that is perfect for pain relief or if you want to take the edge off your day. Buy our weed online at BuyBudNow.ca

    • Strawberry Cough


      Get Strawberry Cough marijuana of sativa strain at great prices. Get uplifting and energetic buzz and many other strains of weed with fast tracking from Canada online dispensary.

    • Girl Scout Cookies


      Buy Girl Scout Cookies weed and other popular weed strains with high THC content. Fast delivery to Toronto and anywhere in Canada with tracking number.

    • Rockstar


      Rockstar is a very potent Indca dominant strain. This strong effected strain is great for deep relaxation without the debilitating effects that some other Indica strains exhibit. With a very pungent earthy aromas this strain is known to treat various aches and pains, sleeping disorders with its powerful body and cerebral effects. Feel like a Rockstar everyday with this excellently crafted flower.

      Flavours: Earthy, Pungent, Herbal

      Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted

      1oz Special!

    • Mango Kush


      Mango kush with fruity mango and banana flavours, shiny trichomes and a 16% THC content is a fan favourite. Our MOM carries this hybrid and many other strains.

    • Grapefruit Smalls


      Grapefruit Smalls is a powerful citrus flavoured sativa hybrid made for a uplifting and energetic high. Get BC bud from Buy Bud Now, fast delivery with tracking on every order.

    • Gelato


      Get your cannabis from online weed dispensary Buy Bud Now. Fast and reliable delivery to all provinces from Canada mail order dispensary.

    • Zombie Kush


      Zombie kush, master kush, bubba kush and more available to every province. Fast delivery in Canada from BC mail order marijuana dispensary.

    • Cali Bubba


      Get Cali Bubba and other cannabis kushes and many aromatic and flavourful hybrids like OG Kush, Bubba Kush from our mail order marijuana dispensary with fast delivery with tracking in Canada.

    • Chemo


      UBC Chemo or Chemo has a history of being developed to treat the side effects of chemotherapy. Great for pain relief and sleeplessness. BuyBudNow.ca

    • Jack The Ripper


      Get Jack The Ripper weed and other types of energetic, focused sativas from our Canada online dispensary. Buy weed online from us and get fast delivery with tracking number anywhere in Canada.

    • Cali Orange


      California Orange weed on sale from Canada Online Dispensary. Fast shipping with tracking number to Alberta, Ontario and all provinces with tracking number.

    • White Rhino


      White Rhino weed is a woodsy high THC hybrid strain cannabis that is relaxing and uplifting. Many other cannabis strains shipping to Alberta, Ontario and everywhere in Canada with tracking.

    • Red Congolese


      Red Congolese sativa and many other sativas on sale from online dispensary. Shipping to Alberta, Ontario and all parts of Canada with tracking number.

    • Tangie


      Buy Tangie, a variation of Tangerine Dream and skunk weed. Buy sativa and indica strains from BC based online weed dispensary. Tracking number with every order.

    • Purple Gorilla


      Purple Gorilla weed and other indica hybrid strains and more available to every province. Fast delivery in Canada from Canada online dispensary.

    • Dank Schrader


      Get rare weed online like BC bud Dank Schrader from online dispensary shipping to Ontario and everywhere in Canada. Fast shipping and tracking number with every order.

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