Canada’s Marijuana Legal Limbo

Canada’s Marijuana Legal Limbo

In recent precedent-setting cases several of Canada’s Supreme Court justices stated they hold the belief all our current recreational pot laws are effectively unenforceable because the Federal government refuses to follow the orders of Canada’s highest courts demanding for changes to the medicinal pot regulations.

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Among police and judges it is an accepted fait accompli that all marijuana convictions between now and legalization are easily overturned by referring to the above debacle.

“Why carry on with the criminalization approach in the interim when we are going to be pardoning everybody afterwards?”, Joe Cressy, Toronto Councilor

Due to this unique legal limbo even the recent raids of compassion clubs and dispensaries across Canada are under the auspices of zoning and licensing violations. They are denying Canadians their chartered rights, and wasting millions of dollars on dangerous and pointless dispensary raids.