Looking for a reliable online cannabis dispensary with trackable and fast delivery to Ottawa?

Finding a superior marijuana dispensary in Ottawa can be difficult. is your answer. We’re a BC based mail order marijuana dispensary serving Ottawa and all Canadian cities and provinces. All our buyers have more than twenty years of expertise. Get the best BC Bud available from our cannabis dispensary. carries one of the broadest selections of marijuana and CBD products online. We supply the very best products from our local growers with unique sativas, indicas and hybrid strains with unique flavours and head/body effects.
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We pride ourselves on order fulfillment accuracy and fast shipping. We ship in packaging that is discrete and each order includes a tracking number which we email you. Shipping in Canada is just two to three business days to major metropolitan regions.
Regional Shipment – Ottawa
Major Urban Areas: 2 Day
Non-Major Urban Areas: 3 Days
Northern Regions & Remote Areas: 7 Days or less


You will find great weed bargains at Our popular ounce specials are beloved by our regular customers. Bookmark our site or message us via Facebook Messenger for a quick response. Our low cost weed selection make us a favorite destination for MJ afficionados. Limited run sativas, indicas and hybrid BC strain selections at prices that are very affordable sets us apart. Our CBD capsules and tincture products are broadly appealing for it’s pain relief advantages. Make us your Canada online dispensary.

Here is just a sample of our marijuana selection:

  • BC Bud, many varieties with different flavours & head/body effects
  • sativas & indicas & hybrid strains
  • our own brand of Supremium pre roll joints
  • BC weed specials by the ounce (very popular)
  • CBD tinctures, capsules & ointment products for pain relief
  • weed vape pens
  • weed topicals
  • weed gummies, weed candies, CBD and other weed edibles
  • weed concentrates for pro users
  • weed bundles and sampler packs
  • canna calendars (popular 420 and Xmas advent weed calendars)
  • weed accessories like rolling papers

However you choose to consume cannabis we have a product that will suit your exact taste!


Everything you see is exactly what you get! No false advertisements. The images on our website show exactly what you are going to get in your package. Each product sealed and marked.

We do our best to deliver our clients the very best experience via our mail order marijuana dispensary. We guarantee our products have the highest quality and gets from us to your door ASAP!

Get great weed bargains at Our cost friendly weed selection make us a favorite destination for MJ afficionados. Limited run BC strain selections at prices that are very affordable sets us apart. Bookmark our site and start looking for specials and take advantage of client bargains.


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