CBD Products
    • Active Releaf CBD STICK 300MG


      Get Active Releaf CBD topical stick for immediate pain relief for arthritis, joint and muscle pain. CBD tinctures and other CBD products available online.

    • FeelCBD Pen Sleep


      With the goal of creating a vape option using only ingredients you can pronounce, FeelCBD offers a line of four different full spectrum hemp-derived CBD disposable pens which have been infused with our in-house blends of plant-based oils.

      High quality ceramic coils allow for clean, consistent and great tasting pulls every time. Each pen is rechargeable and includes a complimentary charging kit.

      The benefits of CBD are most effective in their whole and natural state. Experience this entourage effect with the highest quality full spectrum hemp oil in every pen.

      Each pen contains only Full Spectrum CBD, fractionated coconut oil and plant-based oils. No unnecessary additives.

      Don’t wait for relief. Vaping allows for near instantaneous absorption. Each pull provides you with approximately 1-2mg of CBD, making it ideal for micro-dosing.

      Spearmint + Eucalyptus + Chamomile

      Inhale all natural relaxation – exhale rest and comfort. With essential spearmint, chamomile and eucalyptus oil; to help sooth sore muscles, promote relaxation and alleviate anxiety. This soothing blend of CBD and essential oils is just what you need to experience a deep nights sleep.

      Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil

    • King Cobra CBD Vape Cartridge Milk & Honey


      King Cobra vapes in many popular flavours and brain/body effects. We also have rosin (solventless shatter) and a generous referral program for cannabis credits.

    • King Cobra CBD Vape Cartridge Dragonfruit


      King Cobra CBD Vape cartridges of different flavours and mind/body effects, Supremium pre rolls and CBD from a fast, reliable Canadian MOM.

    • FeelCBD Pen Love


      FeelCBD vape pens and other brands of disposable cannabis vapes in tasty flavours available from Canada’s reliable online marijuana dispensary.

    • Active Releaf CBD 30MG Capsules


      Active Releaf CBD capsules, CBD tinctures and topicals from our BC based mail order marijuana dispensary BuyBudNow.ca Fast & reliable delivery.

    • Twisted Hailey’s Comet Jelly Bomb Grape (THC 40MG/CBD 40MG)


      THC CBD gummies and other delicious cannabis edibles from Twisted Extracts. Buy from reliable and Canada wide online cannabis dispensary. BC based.

    • Twisted Hailey’s Comet Jelly Bomb Watermelon (THC 40MG/CBD 40MG)


      Weed gummies full of THC and CBD for a great body feel from Twisted Extract. Many other cannabis edibles available online from our mail order dispensary.

    • CBD Move Tincture 1000MG WATERMELON


      CBD tinctures, CBD distillates, CBD vape pens and more CBD products for fast delivery across Canada from BC based mail order marijuana dispensary.

    • CBD Move Tincture 1000MG MANGO


      CBD tinctures, King Cobra, Active Releaf, CBD Move brands. Alcohol free tinctures available from BC based online marijuana dispensary Buy Bud Now.

    • CBD Move Tincture 1000MG PEACH


      CBD Move Tincture is natural and non-psychoactive. It combines CBD Crystalline powder with Organic Coconut Oil to create a safe and effective Tincture that can be mixed into meals and drinks or dropped under the tongue.

      It’s an effective form of CBD treatment for daily pains, inflammation, anxiety, and even symptoms of chronic illnesses.

      It can be placed directly under the tongue or inside of cheek. Their coconut oil is 100% Organic Non-GMO. It can be easily mixed into meals and drinks. For example you can dissolve it into your coffees, smoothies, or dressings.

    • Active Releaf CBD Cooling Stick Mini


      Buy weed and CBD online from Buy Bud Now. Get Canadian weed online. Fast, reliable delivery to your door in every province.

    • Baked CBD Capsules


      Get baked with Get Baked CBD capsules with pure CBD isolate extracts in MCT oil. Many other CBD tinctures, edibles and topicals available online from BuyBudNow.ca

    • Active Releaf CBD Tincture 400mg


      CBC tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD distillate, CBD vape pens all available online from our Canadian dispensary. Buy Bud Now for fast reliable delivery.

    • Active Releaf CBD Tincture 1000MG


      Buy CBD tinctures in all sizes and cannabis strains online from BC based mail order marijuana dispensary. Fast delivery to all provinces from Buy Bud Now.

    • Baked Sunshower CBD Gummies


      Weed gummies via mail order. Get weed candies delivered right to your door in any province. Our BC based online dispensary offers fast, reliable shipments. Buy Bud Now.

    • DICKPUNCH Strawberry CBD Vape Pen


      Our Canadian online dispensary offers many types of weed vapes, weed gummies, marijuana hard candies, CBD capsules and weed brownies with fast delivery to every province. Buy Bud Now.

    • DICKPUNCH Blueberry CBD Vape Pen


      Get Dickpunch brand disposable CBD vape pens in many fruit flavours. Strawberry, peach, blueberry, mango and more! Get disposable vape pens online from Buy Bud Now.

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