• DICKPUNCH Kiwi Kicker Vape Pen


      Kiwi Kicker disposable pre-filled THC distillate vape pen by DICKPUNCH extracts! The sly way to get high! Discreet Design. No charging necessary. Pre-filled and super simple to use, just drag like a cigarette! Minimum 100 puffs. Enjoy a highly portable smoking experience that is hassle-free, convenient and smooth on the lungs.


      250mg THC | Made with THC Distillate | Box includes 1 pen

    • KLAR Distillate Vape Cartridges: Lemon Tree


      Sciencelabs KLAR replacement vape cartridges with premium THC distillate with custom cannabis blends and terpenes. Quality cartridges with fast delivery from BC mail order dispensary, Buy Bud Now.

    • KLAR Distillate Vape Cartridges: Sunset Sherbet


      High THC distillate vape cartridges from Sciencelabs for quick and flavourful replacement. Try different cannabis strains with high terpene counts from Buy Bud Now.

    • ScienceLab CBD Isolate


      99% pure CBD isolate for creating your own tinctures and topicals! Great tasting without mind effects. Smoke it, vape it, dab it or eat it. Get fast delivery from Buy Bud Now.

    • Baked Sativa Cannoil Capsules


      Sativa Cannoil Capsules created using a slow infusion of sativa-dominant cannabis into olive oil with added lecithin. A full cannabinoid and terpene profile Don’t be fooled by the low measured dosage, these caps are extremely effective for their potency!

      With uplifting and daytime effects, Sativa is known for providing relief from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and can even increase focus and creativity. These caps contain a slow infusion of sativa-dominant cannabis into olive oil with added lecithin for maximum bio-availability.

      5mg THC Sativa per Capsule / 20 Capsules Per Bottle

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