• Baked Cocoa Dark and Ginger Cannabar


      Cannabis dark chocolate with 64% cocoa and real ginger candy. THC chocolate for a wonderful uplifting effect. Fast delivery from mail order marijuana dispensary Buy Bud Now.

    • Baked Mile High Mint Cannabar


      Dark and milk chocolate cannabis bar with fresh peppermint. Potent 210mg THC per bar for uplifting mind body effect for candy and weed lovers alike. Mail order weed store Buy Bud Now has it in stock.

    • Bless Chocolate Syrup

      $25.00 $15.00

      Bless is a Medicated Dessert syrup. It is made by emulcifying a THC Distillate tincture into a formulated dessert syrup mix. It can be anything from a dessert topping, fruit dip, a milkshake or drink additive, and or consumed by itself. 200 mg of THC Distillate per 2oz bottle


    • Baked Salted Caramel Cannabar


      Get premium weed infused milk chocolate with 75mg THC per bar. Milk chocolate and cannabis lovers rejoice, your two favourites are combined into one. Get it via mail order from Buy Bud Now.

    • Baked Hazelnut Crunch Cannabar


      Chocolate and weed combo with hazelnuts. Power bar for the head and body. 150mg THC per bar for body balanced effect. Get this and other cannabis chocolates online from Buy Bud Now.

    • Purebud THC Tincture


      THC Orange Tincture is perfect for anyone wanting to medicate anywhere discreetly. Each 30ml Bottle contains 400mg of THC. Suggested Usage: Start with 2 Drops, every 3-4 hours. Drop under tongue, hold for 30 seconds, then swallow. Monitor and adjust serving size for desired result.


      Ingredients: Cannabis Oil, Mct Oil, Orange flavoring

    • Baked Sativa Cannoil Capsules


      Sativa Cannoil Capsules created using a slow infusion of sativa-dominant cannabis into olive oil with added lecithin. A full cannabinoid and terpene profile Don’t be fooled by the low measured dosage, these caps are extremely effective for their potency!

      With uplifting and daytime effects, Sativa is known for providing relief from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and can even increase focus and creativity. These caps contain a slow infusion of sativa-dominant cannabis into olive oil with added lecithin for maximum bio-availability.

      5mg THC Sativa per Capsule / 20 Capsules Per Bottle

    • Baked THC Phoenix Tears


      Popular THC Phoenix Tears cannabis extract for medicinal use. High THC content in a portable package. Fast delivery to anywhere in Canada from Buy Bud Now.

    • Baked CBD Phoenix Tears


      CBD Phoenix Tears essential oil extract from cannabis mixed into MCT coconut oil. 100mg CBD tube. High strength for medicinal use. Shipping from BC to every province in Canada.

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