Ounce Specials

Ounce Specials
    • Juicy Fruit


      Get Juicy Fruit weed and other popular sativa/indica hybrids, rosin (solventless shatter), pre rolled joints, edibles and topicals with fast reliable delivery from online dispensary in Canada

    • Fruity Pebbles


      Fruity Pebbles is a sweet hybrid takes genetics from Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien to create a tropical, berry flavour reminiscent of the cereal from years past. The euphoric effects will keep you happy when you’re stressed and help you catch some sleep when faced with insomnia. Sit back, relax, and pour yourself a bowl of Fruity Pebbles!

      *** This Crop May Contain Seeds ***

      Flavours: Berry, Sweet, Earthy

      Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Uplifting

      1oz Special!

    • Romulan


      Romulan, named after the alien Star Trek race, is a powerful indica revered for its potent therapeutic qualities. Though mostly indica, Romulan growers insist sativa genetics have crept in over time, lending it intense cerebral effects. These squat, pine-scented plants produce dense frosty buds that have found their following among connoisseurs in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. A deep, sedating relaxation makes Romulan a favorite strain for patients treating muscle spasms and nerve damage. Many hybridized variations of Romulan exist, but nearly all can promise a full body calm with heavily intoxicating properties.

      Flavour: Earthy, Pungent, Citrus

      Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted

      1oz Special!

    • Gelato


      Get your cannabis from Canada online weed dispensary Buy Bud Now. Fast and reliable delivery to all provinces in Canada with tracking.

    • Durga Mata


      Buy Durga Mata, OG Kush and other premium weed strains with tracking on every order in Canada from our Canada online dispensary.

    • Guava Gelato


      Buy cannabis online from Buy Bud Now. Wide selection of sativas and indicas in your favourite flavours and hybrid blends. Fast, reliable delivery in Canada from BC mail order dispensary Buy Bud Now.

    • Hawaiian Cookies


      Buy Hawaiian Cookies sativa marijuana is a mild, creative enhancing hybrid strain. Weed flowers, CBD tinctures and other products from our Canada mail order weed dispensary.

    • Golden Kush


      Golden Kush is a mild, creative enhancing hybrid strain. Mild flavour and gentle relaxer. Weed flowers, CBD tinctures and other products from our Canada mail order weed dispensary.

    • Cheese

      $139.99 $109.99

      Find UK Cheese cannabis and a wide assortment of other indicas and hybrid weed strains online at great prices from our reliable online dispensary. Tracking number with every order.

    • GREEN CRACK CBD Green House Organic


      Made from California Orange Cbd and Green Crack weed strains. Green Crack CBD weed is a powerful citrus flavoured hybrid made for a mild smoke. Get BC bud from Buy Bud Now, fast delivery with tracking on every order.

    • Shishkaberry


      Shishkaberry also know as The Kish by many, is an Indica dominant strain. It boast moderate to high levels of THC content and exhibits traits of both Indica as well as Sativa effects. It Became a fan favorite in 2001 when the strain was awarded 2nd Place in the High Times Cannabis Cup under the Indica category. With an Aroma of fresh earthy berries and a delicious sweet taste upon exhale it is no wonder why it is a cannabis connoisseurs go to bud. Effects include an initial surge of happy euphoria which is later followed by heavy sedated body high. Great for using to treat for chronic pain and headaches.

      Flavours: Berry, Sweet, Earthy

      Effects: Creative, Happy, Uplifting, Euphoric

    • OG Kush


      Buy cannabis online in canada. Products like OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Mango Kush and many other flavours available from BC dispensary. Buy Bud Now

    • Sweet Kush


      Get Sweet Kush, OG Kush, Pink Kush and many others online from mail order marijuana dispensary Buy Bud Now.

    • Pinks

      $119.00 $99.99

      Dense buds, plenty of crystals. Buy the pinks kush from mail order online dispensary Buy Bud Now.

    • Tuna OG


      Tuna OG is a balanced 50/50 hybrid cross of OG Kush and Black Tuna. This strain’s robust potency and strong one-two punch to the body and mind make it ideal for seasoned cannabis consumers. The loud terpene profile is also something to take note of, consisting of an overwhelming skunk aroma with intermittent floral and earthy notes. The buds express rust-red hairs and deep emerald greenery that makes the mouth water when coupled with the strain’s intoxicating aroma.

      Flavours: Earthy, Pungent, Sweet

      Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

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